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As holistic design experts, Studio PURE | by Martje offers a full-service from conceptual design, architecture and interior planning, through to implementation on site. We primarily work on residential and hospitality projects but are happy to look at all project types, whether that is new-build or renovations, complete estates or just one room in your house that needs some love and attention.

With our team we deliver the following services, noting that you can engage us for one or all phases:

PURE | concept
Mood boards and design concepts

PURE | architectural design
Architectural plans + detailing for new builds or renovation projects
PURE | interior design
Either developed alongside the architectural plans, or as a standalone asignment, we do your interior design. We give advise on colours and materials, design and select the furniture, and conduct sourcing and procurement if required

PURE | lighting design
We believe in the power of lighting and provide well balanced lighting plans and take care of the sourcing of the light features

PURE | landscaping
As we strongly believe in holistic design and connecting the indoor areas with the outdoor, we provide the hardscape design of the outdoor areas of your project.

PURE | site supervision
Pure can be engaged in the project management stage to enable you to sit back while we conduct site visits, monitor progress and report back to you. We take your worries away.

PURE | staging + interior decoration
If you are planning to sell your house or put it on the market for rental, redecoration can make a huge difference. Pure can provide advice for minor or major alterations.

PURE | sourcing
Looking for that special item but no clue where to go, what to buy, or simply no time? Pure can do this for you! We provide personal shopping and procurement.

Carefully listening to your needs and ideas we will design your house or take on your renovation project. 
We like to work transparently with a no-surprises approach and believe that every project and every client is unique. 

To make it easy for you to determine to which extent you would like to engage Pure, we will provide you with a detailed quotation which describes the scope of works and the cost breakdown for each phase. This is prepared following our initial meeting and discussions.
For smaller projects, or where the scope of works are difficult to define, Pure can also work on an hourly rate basis.


Good communication is key to a great outcome.  The highly personal approach that we offer is one of our stronger assets.

Pure appreciates that you, the client, will have a good idea of what your ideal house should look like: your dreams and wishes are the starting point in every project.
We will listen carefully to you and look forward to hearing what makes you tick - how you envision your dream home, how you live and how you intend to use the space.

Hearing what you don’t like can be equally useful and we can tease these ideas out during the brief development phase.

Once the brief and concept is agreed, we can begin the process of bringing your dream place to life, whether that is a small home or a large villa estate.


Our style can be characterised as ‘understated luxury.’ A no-bling sophistication with the comforts of modern life and a serene feeling.

We take a holistic approach and develop the interiors simultaneously with the architecture and landscape design. We believe in creating a perfect flow by seamlessly connecting the indoor with the outdoor; thus calm, tranquility and balance are created.

All projects are approached with the utmost attention to detail. We enjoy developing a concept until even the smallest of details have been resolved. 

As a client, you can choose to engage us for certain parts of the design only. If so, we will work with you and any other consultants to ensure the final product is cohesive and matches the overall design concept.

'Together we will turn your dream into a beautiful reality.'